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The help that Lighthouse Christian School has received from MCGF goes beyond dollars.  The expertise, connections, support, and prayers that MCGF has provided for us is invaluable.  We are grateful to God for linking us with MCGF.  They have been a blessing to Lighthouse and have helped us become a light for Jesus in this community.  Thank you MCGF, you are truly a blessing from God in this community.

Marcio Sierra, Senior Pastor, Lighthouse Christian Church

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Thank you Madison Christian Giving Fund! I have to be honest, bringing Lifest to Brat Fest was something I wanted to do, but when I got word about your contribution, that is when I knew it was truly possible. I am forever in your debt in helping me find the fortitude to move forward. There were many moments when I was unsure, and was fearful of how and where the attacks would come, but in the end the stage went off without a hitch and was an overwhelming success.

Tim Metcalf

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Jesus Lunch and the students we feed and minister to every week are extremely grateful to the FUND. We firmly believe that what God is doing in Middleton will spread throughout the community and the world. Thank you so much!

Jesus Lunch Team