Three High Impact Programs that Strengthen our Partners and Advance the Kingdom of God


Annual Granting Process

 2020 Applications Timeline

  • Tuesday September 2nd applications forms are released

  • Friday September 27th Applications are due at 5pm- no exceptions

  • Wednesday October 2nd- grantees will be notified of successful receipt of the application.

  • November - grantees will be contacted by a Ministry Liaison to discuss the application

  • December- deliberations by the grants committee

  • December 31st- results of the campaign will determine the extent to which applications will be funded, based on priority ratings

  • January 17th- grantees will be notified by email of our results

  • January 31st- check will be processed by NCF Wisconsin

Fund Raising Campaign

Genrating Funds

We rely on the generosity of the broader community to support the Christian organizations we fund. Like United Way, we conduct a workplace giving campaign, we appeal to individual donors and we invite our friends to our annual Celebration Dinner. 
The 2018 dinner was October 10, at the Sheraton Hotel.  Close to 200 of our friends and partners attended.  Stay tuned for the date and location of this year's event.

Capacity Building Initiatives

Ensuring Long Term Success

We are committed to invest in our partners' success. Using our substantial network of subject matter experts, we offer free workshops on topics such as strategic planning, fund raising, and volunteer recruiting. A unique service is provided by our team of liaisons who stay connected with our partners throughout the year, offering spiritual and practical support.

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