• Fred Grossenbach

Shelter from the Storm - Where Trauma is Pervasive

Since 2014 the Madison Christian Giving Fund has raised and distributed over $800,000 to 40 Christian organizations. Each one has an amazing story of impact on the people they serve. This is one of them.

The back story of Shelter from the Storm is an example of what happens when determined compassionate people see a need in their community and work tirelessly to solve it.

In 2011 after learning that there were over 100 homeless children in Sun Prairie Schools a group of people started meeting, praying and researching how to start a family homeless shelter for single mothers and their children. SFTS operated for years in private homes and through various community agencies to help Sun Prairie families during their time of homelessness.

As a result of their efforts, in 2017 SFTS acquired a beautiful building which can house 10 families of varying sizes at a time. The Mission of SFTS: “Christ-Centered restoration through the storms of life”. SFTS is way more than shelter, way more than a transitional housing program for single moms. According to Tami Fleming, Executive Director, “These moms come here from all different vulnerable places with their children and feel the presence of God in a safe environment. They practice, study and obtain a drivers licenses, or acquire their first car; they pay off crushing debt or learn to budget by taking a Christian financial management course; Some finished an HSED or GED or obtained an Associates degree or professional certification. They all achieved goals and healed from trauma that caused their homelessness in the first place. After a while, they understood that they were the daughters of the King and that He gave each of their families a hope and a future.

Portia, a former resident says, “I can’t thank the staff of SFTS enough! I came here with nothing but my kids and had NO hope…and I’m leaving with a good job as a manager, a van and an apartment I can handle on my own. I never dreamed I could do all this.”

SFTS provides an onsite, free trauma therapist to help mothers and children deal with the traumatic circumstances that led to their homelessness so they can move forward in a healthy way. Again, according to Tami, “every woman who comes in here has a unique story, and every woman has experienced trauma of some kind. The therapist is free and accessible because of the grant from the Madison Christian Giving Fund. For all of the women who have benefitted, thank you.”

As you might expect there is more demand for the type of services that SFTS provides. The Madison Christian Giving Fund is honored to partner with Shelter from the Storm Ministries to meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of homeless women in Dane County.