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MadisonChristians.com Shines the Light on the Madison Christian Community

Sixteen years ago, a half-dozen guys from different Madison churches got together to launch a local Christian community internet portal, a one-stop site to serve the Madison community. It was called allgodspeople.com and it provided a church list, an events calendar, business connections, and news stories about faith events that were ignored by other media.

Sixteen years is a long time on the internet and allgodspeople was starting to show its age. With a 2022 grant from the

Madison Christian Giving Fund (MCGF), which was matched by Webstix, not only is the website becoming up-to-date, but it is also being rebranded as MadisonChristians.com. The new website will offer greatly improved functionality. In addition, MadisonChristians.com is joining MCGF as a partner to shine an even brighter light on the many important and exciting things that are happening in the local Christian community, developments that are often overlooked by the local newspapers and TV stations. And when those media do report on such events, MadisonChristians.com will also link to those stories so its followers won’t miss them. Madison's Christian community does have a lot going on. It has churches that are alive with activity, filled with people who are making a difference in the city, its suburbs, and throughout the area. Allgodspeople.com has sixteen years of online story archives that clearly illustrate that. Gordon Govier (pictured above) is the volunteer news editor and information coordinator for allgodspeople and MadisonChristians.com. Gordon has been covering local news in Madison for over four decades, for much of that

time as news director at the Madison Christian radio station, WNWC, 102.5 FM. He is always interested in news tips and learning what’s going on in the Christian community. Gordon can be reached at editor@MadisonChristians.com. MCGF General Manager, Fred Grossenbach, was also one of the founders of allgodspeople.com, along with Tony Herman and Lennart Johansson of Webstix. The theme of MadisonChristians.com is “We’re All in This Together” based on Romans 12:5: "In Christ, we who are many, form one body." We want to see unity in the body of Christ in Madison. To love our neighbors, we need to know what is going on in their lives. Watch for the big reveal of the new website, coming soon, and make MadisonChristians.com one of your regular stops as you surf the internet.