• Fred Grossenbach

Kingdom Building in the 21st Century

Did you know that there is no such thing as "retirement" in the Bible? Did you know that retiring baby boomers are the most skilled, experienced, motivated but underutilized resource in the country? Did you know that Christian non profits are the most under resourced entities in the community? The lack of qualified volunteers impairs their ability to achieve their mission and advance the Kingdom of God.

Men and women are still retiring, some still want to make a difference. Chasing the white ball or drowning a worm gets old quickly. Christian non profits and churches still need the skill and experience "retired" people can provide. The challenge is how do you find the best fit? How do you put a square peg in a square hole and accelerate the advance of the Kingdom of God? The answer is Kingdom Matchmakers, LLC: Mobilizing the under-utilized to serve the under-resourced to accelerate the advance of the Kingdom of God.

Kingdom Servants
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