• Fred Grossenbach

Child Evangelism Fellowship - A Perfect Pivot

Since 2014 the Madison Christian Giving Fund has raised and distributed over $800,000 to 40 Christian organizations. Each one has an amazing story of impact on the people they serve. This is one of them.

Child Evangelism Fellowship has the unique opportunity to reach children with the Gospel in public schools due to a Supreme Court decision in 2001. The day may come when the doors may close, but for now access to schools is on the heart of Cheryl Knox, Ministry Coordinator of CEF of Greater Madison. When we met with Cheryl we were impressed with her passion for kids and her love for Jesus.

Cheryl retired from the Department of Corrections in 2013 and she immediately began working as a volunteer coordinator for CEF. She knows that between the ages of 4 and 14 children are most likely to respond to the Gospel. In fact, her own grandson believed in Jesus at a CEF Good News Club at Jefferson Elementary School.

Many children are struggling and afraid because of racial tensions, family trauma, the pandemic and violence in the streets. Children are asking questions like, “Does God know and care about me? Why are so many bad things happening the world? Why did God allow this to happen? How can I get through this terrible time?” CEF lovingly addresses these questions with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Their booklet “Do You Wonder Why?” lays out the Biblical response to the fears of children they work with.

In Cheryl’s own words, “God has been doing an amazing work through our ministry. The pandemic has allowed our program to reach children with the Gospel in ways we had never dreamed of. Our program is now available on TV, Youtube, radio and live via zoom. I have had the blessing of sharing the Gospel with children on the Island of St. Vincent. I have been able to provide them with technical assistance by running zoom programs for their weekly programming. When covid hit, we were ready. Much of this would not have happened without the financial and prayer support of the Madison Christian Giving Fund.”

CEF of Greater Madison still has its challenges. Volunteers, especially younger ones, are in short supply. Financial support has fallen because many past givers are out of work due to the pandemic. Cheryl and her team pray fervently for the needs of the ministry and for the children they serve. “Our organization is struggling greatly to meet our daily expenses,” according to Cheryl.

Because of their commitment to prayer, evangelism, and the spiritual development of children, the Madison Christian Giving Fund is honored to partner with Cheryl Knox and Child Evangelism Fellowship of Greater Madison. You can find out more at CEFMadisonWi.com