• Fred Grossenbach

Care Net - A Demonstration of God's Faithfulness

From its humble beginnings on Monroe Street in 1985, to its present location on MacArthur Road, Care Net has expanded their service offerings multiple times in response to the needs of the community. Their mission has always been to provide women in Greater Dane County who faced unintended pregnancies with the resources and help they needed to say “yes” to their unborn children. Their leadership and board have not wavered in their commitment to follow the Holy Spirit’s guidance in serving women, protecting their unborn children and sharing the love of Jesus.

Today these services, which are offered free of charge, include healthcare, housing, education and support services, a men’s outreach program and a mobile clinic.

According to Sara Patterson, Executive Director, “we want to remove every barrier that prevents a woman from receiving the care she needs to protect the life of her unborn child. And along the way we share the gospel of Jesus Christ with those who are open to receive his message of saving grace.”

Recently a woman came to the Care Net offices and asked for a Bible. The staff were happy to provide one and engaged in a conversation with her. It turns out that she was once a resident of the Elizabeth House, Care Net's residential program, but had left for personal reasons. When asked why she came back, the woman said, “you were the first place to show me love and care, so I thought you might be willing to help me now.”

So, imagine 36 years of saved and changed lives through the loving ministry of the staff, board, volunteers of and generous supporters of Care Net. What or who sustains and protects it and enables it to flourish when so many others fall by the wayside? When competition for scarce dollars is intense? When public funding and corporate dollars are withheld because they are biased against Christian organizations?

God’s faithfulness is the obvious answer. It is a great encouragement to know that God is faithful. He does protect, provide, and enable Christian ministries to flourish over time.

Since 2014 the Madison Christian Giving Fund has raised and distributed over $800,000 to 40 Christian organizations. Each one, like Care Net, has an amazing story of impact on the people they serve and on the community. The FUND is honored to support Care Net as they continue to follow God’s call to serve vulnerable women and their unborn children in Dane County.