• Fred Grossenbach

Affordable Dental Care - Restoring Hope, Health, and Opportunity

Since 2014 the Madison Christian Giving Fund has raised and distributed over $750,000 to 40 Christian organizations. Each one has an amazing story of impact on the people they serve. This is one of them.

Affordable Dental Care uses biblical principles taught and displayed by Jesus to love and care for our neighbors, and close the gap in the crisis of access to dental care.

Norma’s life has centered around helping others and sharing God’s love. She was a missionary, teaching English in China for approximately 20 years. Unfortunately, her dental health declined throughout the years she spent in China. The tap water yellowed her teeth and she was unable to see a dentist because, in addition to dedicating her time to help the children, she would also use a lot of her own money to provide them with Bibles, books, and food.

After moving back to the United States, Norma started going to visit a Christian dentist in Appleton for emergencies. She also volunteered at free pop-up medical and dental clinics as an English/Spanish translator. She sometimes got free teeth cleanings through these clinics; however, that was the extent of her dental care - until she found Affordable Dental Care.

As much as she loves blessing others, Norma said that at a certain point, she needs help herself. At 66, Norma receives small amounts of Social Security and retirement benefits, but most of this money goes toward paying rent and buying food. Sadly, this is the case for many people. Norma said that Affordable Dental Care perfectly meets her needs because she can afford some of the cost of dental care, but could not possibly afford traditional dentistry. She is extremely appreciative of ADC and those who make the mission possible. She has seen people walk miles and miles to receive dental care, so she recognizes the need for ADC and is thankful that it can provide for so many.

Jason Krause, ADC Board Chairman told us that because of the ADC model, “a small amount can keep us going for a long time”. The Madison Christian Giving Fund is honored to partner with Affordable Dental Care.