• Fred Grossenbach

Keep it Simple Saints - God-Send

In the spirit of easy to understand 2 word messages from the Bible that help us navigate life and make an impact for the Kingdom of God, consider the commonly used phrase, he was a “God-Send”. A friend recently referred to his sister-in-law as a God-Send to him. As he told it, “she helped me in my walk with Christ in ways I would not have predicted. She was a real God-Send.” I thought, that’s it! As followers of Jesus this is our calling. We are all supposed to be a God-Send to somebody, sometime, maybe every day. To bear witness to the Light and to make disciples. Matthew 28:19

John 3:16 says “God so loved the world that He sent his only begotten Son that all who believed in him might have eternal life!” So Jesus himself was the first God-Send!

This thought was confirmed when I read John 1:6-7, “There was a man sent from God (a God-Send) whose name was John. He came to bear witness to the Light, so that through him all might believe.” John the Baptist was also a God-Send!

I gets better! In Matthew 5:14-16 Jesus says “You ARE the light of the world!” A massive shift has taken place from John the Baptist’s assignment to “bear witness” to the light”, to we ARE the light. What happened? Jesus died, rose again, ascended into heaven and fulfilled God’s promise by sending the Holy Spirit to all who put their faith in Jesus, the Light of the world.

It gets even better. By sending the Holy Spirit, who now lives in every believer, God also fulfills his promise to be with us, always! Joshua 1: 9, Matthew 28:20, and many other places.

Have you ever considered yourself to be a God-Send? Where is He sending you? To the supermarket, the mall, the club, the board-room, the golf course, the neighborhood, the prison, the nursing home, the hospital? The fascinating reality is that while He is sending us, He is also with us and mysteriously, preparing the heart of the personHe is sending us to.

When will people say of you, “He/she was a God-Send”?