• Krysta Wetzel

Does God Go to the Dentist

I'm not sure if he's on a 6 month recall or just comes for emergencies only, but I'm certain He goes! This week, we had a new patient come in for his first appointment. A little while into his time in our reception area, he noted some Bible verses on the wall. He asked about them and Alan shared the ADC mission, that we are for ANYONE in the gap. We're founded on Jesus' model of taking care of physical needs as a tangible way to show love, restoring hope, health and opportunity- through dentistry. This man, I will call "Alex" had a good job. He worked hard and increased sales of the company by nearly 40%. One day, his boss walked into his office and heard the Christian radio station playing. When he asked Alex to turn it off and Alex refused, that ended his career there. It was tough and because of his faith, Alex chose to not take legal action- after all, he didn't want to work for someone who wouldn't allow him to live out his faith. Alex now has a new job. The pay is significantly less and it doesn't offer dental insurance. He found us based on that situation. Alex explained how walking in and seeing "God at the Dentist" affirmed so much of what he had gone through. While it's easy as a non profit to proclaim thankfulness when we receive a check, it's also important to proclaim it as we see the impact of the check throughout the year. We're thankful for the support of the Madison Christian Giving Fundin our mission. Because of their support, we are able to impact lives like Alex with hope, health and opportunity.