• Fred Grossenbach

Why I Support the Madison Christian Giving Fund

There are three realities about Christian non profits in Madison.

  1. They understand that true lasting transformation for people and communities can only come through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

  2. The gospel is integral to everything they do. As they meet needs and serve people they share this message openly and without compromise.

  3. These same Christian organizations are intentionally cut off from many sources of funding that are available to others, just because they are called and committed to sharing the transforming message of Jesus. This inequity obviously impairs their ability to fulfill their calling in Madison.

That’s why the Madison Christian Giving Fund exists: to support and provide grants to Christian organizations that work to rectify social injustice and meet human needs, but also address the heart condition that is at the root of many of these needs. The people serving in these organizations are mostly called by God to meet the needs of people most of us don't even know about, like young women sex trafficked in Madison, high school and college students who have never heard the gospel, black girls on the edge of suicide because of sexual abuse, women in the Dane County corrections system, ex prisoners re-entering society, and many others. In the course of their service they are compelled to share the message of the love of Jesus, to pray, comfort and provide hope for everyone they serve.

Sadly, it is the commitment to sharing this message that cuts these organizations off from many sources of funding. The big names in Madison, (you know who they are) won't fund a Christian organization, simply because they are Christian, no matter how effective their work is. So I choose to put my money and time into those who refuse to compromise the message of the gospel just to get money.

Makes sense, doesn't it?