Annual Granting Process

 2021 Applications Timeline

The process: 

  • Wednesday September 16th applications forms are released 

  • Friday October 8th Applications are due at 5pm- no exceptions

  • Wednesday October 21st- you will be notified of successful receipt of the application.

  • November - you will be contacted by a Ministry Liaison to discuss the application

  • December- deliberations by the grants committee

  • December 31st- results of the campaign will determine the extent to which applications will be funded, based on priority ratings

  • January 15th- you will be notified by email of our results

  • January 29th- check will be processed by NCF Wisconsin

  • We have added a new criteria this year to target more of our funding to people of color. Over the last 7 years we have contributed 25% of our funding to Ministries led by people of color and benefiting people of color. Upon prayerful consideration of this, we believe that we can do more, and should do more in order combat racial inequities that still continue in our Country.

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